The project team
The project team
Decide who has access to the information on your project

Batieu functions enable you to manage the authorizations system related to the project for employees. The employer has access to the tasks of individual people on an ongoing basis. Tasks can be assigned at any time, also in advance. Thanks to this, you gain a better organization of the working time and easier planning of works built over time.

Files and documents
Files and documents
Safely store employees documents in the cloud

Batieu enables you to manage employee information and documents. It allows greater insight into the performance and commitment of individuals to a specific project. Thanks to the possibility of entering and updating employee information, creating connections, and sharing access, you gain a better efficiency of the HR organization.

Free access
Free access
Limited access to information for site users

Each user has the option to share projects with employees with limited or full access. All the people assigned to the project have access to the data related to it in one place. Such access will prevent any potential problems and maintain projects efficiently.

A place for you, your partners and associates.
A place for you, your partners and associates.
Run your business and make sure you are in control at every step of your project! Collaborate with others and see all aspects of your project in one place.
Project management
A smart and a fluid tool to lead a construction project
Budget and cost estimation
A modern tool that facilitates the determination of the valuation
Project finance
Control the financial situation of your project and ensure a smooth flow of data
Request for proposal
Increase your company revenues by browsing tenders on Batieu
Contractors database
A place where you can find a trusted construction company
File and document manager
A modern electronic document circulation system suitable for construction projects
Co-workers access
Enable the access to the project or restrict it to users on the construction site

Move your construction project to Batieu

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