Share and control the costs and revenues

The platform allows you to create a database of sales documents. Thanks to the available tools, it is possible to track payment status, share invoices with clients, and control payment dates. All documents can be linked to a project or to a client. In this way, finances are monitored and thus better managed.

Work progress
Work progress
Track the work progress and manage your finances on the construction site

The available tools allow you to create a well-planned work program for the projects, to manage the planned construction resources, responsibilities, tasks, and more. Thanks to the possibility of linking financial documents with a given project, it is possible to control not only the work progress but also their profitability.

Plan and visualize invoicing stages

Batieu allows you to create an investment balance sheet at each stage of the project. Controlling the budget will increase the profitability of your investment. Regular verification of investment finances will improve the budget not only for a given project but also for those planned in the future.

Finance management of your construction project at your fingertips
Finance management of your construction project at your fingertips
Run your business and make sure you are in control at every step of your project! Collaborate with others and see all the aspects of your project in one place.
Project management
A smart and a fluid tool to lead a construction project
Budget and cost estimation
A modern tool that facilitates the determination of the valuation
Project finance
Control the financial situation of your project and ensure a smooth flow of data
Request for proposal
Increase your company revenues by browsing tenders on Batieu
Contractors database
A place where you can find a trusted construction company
File and document manager
A modern electronic document circulation system suitable for construction projects
Co-workers access
Enable the access to the project or restrict it to users on the construction site

Move your construction project to Batieu

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